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Our Products

Sigma instruments, the company specialising in chromatography offers a range of models from tiny mini models to the latest microprocessor based models to the latest microprocessor based models for meeting every application.

all the models incorporate international state of the art technology and have been designed to give highly reliable performance. The simpler models are easy to operate and can carry out all routine analysis accurately. On the other hand, the more sophisticated models are meant for every application routine or research type.

With the introduction of the microprocessor based model the user now has an instrument which matches the performance of international models, but is available in rupees, and at fraction of the cost.

Be it any model, all of them are ruggedly built and can face any day challenge most effectively and with minimum down time


Simplest to microprocessor based operation
Choice of detectors
Modular structure enabling choice of required modules
Easy updating
Multi-detector operation
Protection Circuits
Sampling valves
Column Switching
Back flushing
Catalytic Reactors
Capillary System
Choice of recoding/data handling equipment